Pianos come in many styles.  We are familiar with the Grand piano from the movies and TV, but most American homes own an upright.

The Baby Grand is a variation on the Grand.  The Upright comes in styles such as Console, Studio, or Spinet.  Note that the standard upright piano’s front legs connect to a block that ties into the body of the piano. A Spinet, on the other hand, has legs that resemble a table. They go to the floor and generally have wheels on the ends.

Other types of pianos include the Player Piano, the Toy Piano, and the electric pianos, synthesizers and digital keyboards of today.

Concert Grand 7'6"-9'0"+ length

Baby Grand 5'0"-5'6" length

Upright Piano 48-60" high

Console 40-43" high

Spinet 35-37" high

Electric Piano