London Tuning Service has built its reputation on both high quality craftsmanship and superior attention to detail. Our philosophy is to assess each instrument’s status and listen to our client’s needs.

We recommend that your piano be tuned at least once a year. It is better to tune more frequently if the instrument is undergoing heavy usage. Since the piano is constructed primarily of wood, it is affected by climatic changes. Variations in humidity result in contraction of the wood, resulting in stresses on the strings.  The proper string tension must be adjusted and maintained.

You will receive the best tone quality from your piano when it is tuned on a consistent basis. When too many years pass between tunings, the actual pitch will drop, often far enough that two or more tunings will be necessary to restore the pitch to the proper level.  Raising the pitch too far in one tuning may not give the desired results.  In this case, it is best to give a fine quality tuning when the strings stabilize.

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